At Allied Power, safety comes first.

While quality and productivity remain our top priorities, it is never at the expense of safety. Safety First is embedded in the culture and ethos of Allied Power from the executive boardroom to the craftsmen in the field. We pride ourselves on our performance records and always remain vigilant in our efforts to integrate safety standards, practices, and policies in everything we do. This results in the protection of our people, our clients, the environment, and the assets we own and steward.

At Allied Power safety is more than managing incident rate and severity, it is a culture that values safe practices, a questioning attitude, and speaking up when there is an issue. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we understand the criticality of safety and the unique attributes of the workforce, both static and dynamic, which is why we have developed and successfully implemented the industry’s gold standard in safety best practices for clients around the globe.

You can be assured that we will work with you and your team to create this same level of high safety standards and practices at your facilities to ensure you receive the ultimate level of protection for your people and assets.

The Allied Power’s safety beliefs and philosophy:

Our people are our most valuable resource.

Quality and productivity, though critical, never takes precedence over the safety of people or protection of the environment and physical property.

Safety is integral to all our activities, is planned for in advance and receives the same level of attention as quality and productivity.