Providing Safe and Cost Effective Full-service Power Generation Services

Our Services

  • Routine Maintenance & Management
  • Outage Services & Management
  • Capital Construction
  • Specialty Services – Welding, Valve Repairs, Reactor & Turbine Support, Specialty Engineering
  • Custom Staffing Solutions

About Allied Power

Allied Power is focused solely on the utility industry and provides a broad suite of services, a deep commitment to customer service and engagement with employees. We are a diversified provider of services for power plants across the asset life cycle and our leadership has vast experience in the utility market and expertise in nuclear generation.

Career Opportunities

Become a part of the Allied Power team today. We are seeking motivated, innovative, caring and respectful individuals to join us on our mission to provide safe, efficient, and effective service delivery to the utility industry throughout the U.S. and North America.

We are dedicated to providing safe and cost effective power generation from our customer’s assets. Our services include Routine Maintenance, Outage Services & Management, Capital Construction, and Specialty Services – Welding, Valve Repairs, Reactor Services, Turbine Services, and Specialty Engineering.